About me

Ahh. Where to start!!! Well i am a computer freak:D All i really care in my life are computers. I wake up in the morning and see if my pc is working fine. I love it, i adore it, i eat with it, i sleep with it, i cant live without it( am getting a bit carried away ). The main point is that i love technology and i love to share my thoughts with others. 

So in this blog "digital world", i try to provide people with content that i find interesting and that may help other people. I try really hard to provide information which is useful as well as unique. Yeah its tough:/

The world wide web as we know it is filled with millions of sites, and that include sites about technology too. You try searching anything in any search engine and you find what you were looking for in milliseconds. But finding sites which have only useful content and not just anything which is useless to most people is hard to find. 

That brings me to my aim for building this blog i.e to provide unique and useful content related to technology in a single place. I dont know if i will succeed or not. But i will try my best to achieve this no matter how much time i have to dedicate to this blog. And i am pretty confident right now that i will succeed:D

Apart from this, i love my family, my friends and people who read my blog(although that number is pretty low right now)