Sunday, 22 January 2012

Cool Interesting Stuff On The Web – Week 1


A word from the author

I spend a lot of my time everyday, trying to discover new interesting things on the web. And though I would love to write a post about all these things but the truth is I can’t. Why?? Because they don’t fit in the niche of this blog. This blog is about technology, computer tips and tricks and some other interesting stuff. Now lets say I find something really interesting, a video, a list of inspirational quotes or a cool website. It wouldn’t make sense to write about all these things in here. Who would like to read motivational quotes on a technology blog..

internet fun

So to share all these interesting things I come across everyday, I am starting this weekly feature whereby I would write a list of cool stuff that you may find interesting every SUNDAY. This is a type of an experiment for me, you may like it or you may feel its ridiculous. So help me here by providing your reviews whether you like to read such things or not. Also I am not concentrating on search traffic here, this is for all those people who visit this blog daily.

Without wasting any more time, lets start.

5 Cool Things For This Week:

Totally random stuff ahead of you. Some of these may be related to technology, some may be completely off topic.

Hope you like it.

1. Suspend water in air without a glass – Magic

Yes I love magic tricks. Who doesn’t?? I remember the first time I saw this video I was completely blown away. Have a look

Although the trick looks real but I suggest you not to try this. Why?? Because its something which the laws of physics don’t allow. This guy must have used some cool editing effects to perform this trick. But nonetheless full marks to this guy for the creativity..


2. Drive your car using just your thoughts-Technology

How could I miss to write something about technology. Now this is an ongoing research where a team of researchers are trying to build a mechanism through which we would be able to drive our cars using just our thoughts.  Have a look at this video

How is that possible?? Basically this technique is based on commercially available sensors for recording electroencephalograms (EEGs), which are basically the electrical outputs your brain produces while it thinks coupled with a software which could transform these signal into directions.

As I said earlier this is an ongoing research and it may take years before something like this gets good enough, so that we can use it in actual traffic..


3. Some interesting quotes- Quotes

There are millions of quotes you can find on the internet so its no less than a category itself. Have a look at these lovely quotes, who knows, it may just make your day.


4. Giant water balloon explosion in slow motion- Fun

This a video by HowStuffWorks on Giant Water Balloon Explosion in ultra slow motion. Anything shown in slow motion is always fun to watch. And this is no exception. Have a look:


5. People are awesome 2011 – Awesomeness

Last in the list is a video which shows what crazy things people do around the world, every year. Sure these people are awesome. If you are too lazy to finish your homework or to do something you love, this may just inspire you.


Final Words

I am going to prepare one such list every Sunday from today onwards. This week’s list was full of videos. And most of these were quite old actually. From next week I assure you I would give newly uploaded content a preference.

Note that I don’t own any of the videos used above. This is just a platform for me to share these things with you guys.


Also please share your views about this new Sunday Special list. This is my first post in this category and I would absolutely love to have your feedback on this. What are your interests? Which one of these did you like the most.?? Your reviews are important to me..

Thanks for reading…

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