Friday, 12 August 2011

Now Play Games In Google Plus!!!

According to the official Google blog, Google plus users will soon be able to see a games section which will allow them to play some cool games like Angry birds, Bejeweled and a lot more . After games like farmville being a big success in Facebook taking social networking to a whole new level, this doesn't come as a big surprise. This means that you can check out games too when you try to spot the differences between Google Plus and Facebook.

google plus games

But with games being such an important part in social networking sites like Facebook, what can Google Plus provide so that it stands above the competition. So here is a list of things that Google is promising to deliver in its Google Plus games service:

1. Games Offered

First of all the lets see the the list of games which you can play on Google Plus. On its official blog Google has provided a list of 16 games that will be available as soon as you get that games button in your Google plus account. These include games like the massively popular Angry bird from Rovio and classical games like Bejewelled, Soduku, poker etc. See the picture below for all the games.

google plus available games

More games will be made available gradually once the rollout is complete. Angry birds stands out for me in the above list which could become really fun if you could play it with your friends.

2. Control over games 

One of the best thing about Google Plus games service is that there will be a dedicated button at the top for the games if you wish to play them. So if you are someone who is not so keen to play games or even be informed about your friends update about what game they played, then you can be assured that these games won't interfere with your conversations.

google plus games share

Facebook news feed can get totally cluttered with games and application updates from friends which can get really irritating at times. Google Plus has taken care of it and you will get game updates only if you click on the games button which is really cool.

3. More for the developers

Google will take only 5% on in app purchases in comparison to 30% which Facebook charges its developers right now. I am sure this will attract a lot of great developers. More developers mean more games. So you may see some great games coming to Google Plus in future..

Well these were the things which make Google Plus games service stand above Facebook games, according to me of course. And this is just the starting, more features will be added soon which can prove to be a selling point to Google Plus.

Facebook launched some new features too: 

As soon as Google announced about the introduction of games in its Google plus service, Facebook too announced some new features which will be added to Facebook games. According to a post on the Facebook official blog, Jared Morgenstern said:

"When you’re playing games, you’ll now see a separate stream of your friends’ game activity, scores, and achievements in a ticker. The best way to find new games is through friends, and now you’ll have more opportunities to see what they’re playing"

You can read more here if you are interested Facebook Blog

So what you think about this. Game on I guess????

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