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All You Need To Know About RSS

What the hell is RSS?? You must have seen blogs asking you to subscribe to their feeds. Some blogs even show some annoying popups which ask you to subscribe. And some even provide free gifts in return, ebooks being the most popular. So why are people so crazy about getting more subscribers? What's so great about Rss?? Why don't they just ask you to bookmark their site??

According to a survey, only 10% people who use the internet, are actually aware of and use RSS. So I thought it will be a good idea to explain you in detail about what's so great about RSS and why is it still not that popular.

What is RSS??

RSS stands for 'really simple syndication'. And syndication means sharing of content among different Web sites. So basically RSS is a way to share your blog content with others. It provides the standard for syndicating articles on the Internet. Let me explain..

We all read newspapers where we get to know about different things that happened the day before. We quickly go through all the headlines and if we find something useful or interesting we read through it. So newspapers keeps us aware of all the new things that happened around the world.

In a similar manner, RSS delivers the latest posts published by your favorite blogs all in one single place. But unlike newspapers, you can choose which blogs you want to subscribe to and only there updates will be delivered. So if you are someone who loves to know about new things, you can now subscribe to the blogs that deliver them and you can be assured that whenever something new is published you won't miss it.

RSS vs Bookmarks

Bookmarks were the old way to keep updated with latest information. You could just bookmark your favorite blog and check 10 times a day to see if something new was posted. And i must say that a lot of people still use bookmarks to keep in touch.

So lets see some of the advantages of RSS over bookmarks.

  • As i said above, you have to visit the blog regularly just to find that nothing new is available. By using Rss you will be informed whenever something new is published
  • If you follow a lot of blogs you will have to visit all of them one by one manually and scan for new content while you can get all the updates in a well organized single place in case of Rss.
  • Managing bookmarks can be cumbersome if you have a lot of bookmarks.

Some advantages of Bookmarks over RSS

  • Not all websites support RSS while you can bookmark any website.
    • If you like a specific article which you would like to revisit again, bookmarking is still the preferred option

    How To Use RSS??

    First of all you need to choose some RSS reader. What is RSS reader?? Remember i said when you subscribe to blogs you get the latest updates all in a single place. Well the RSS reader is that place. There are many RSS readers available, most of them are free, some are paid too. Here is a list of some popular RSS readers:

    My favorite is Google Reader of course. 
        Once you are done with signing up with your favorite reader you are ready to subscribe to your favorite blogs. In most blogs you will see an orange icon that will allow you to subscribe. Just click on it, and choose your favorite reader. You do not need to provide any personal information while doing this.

        Now from now on when you sign in to your google reader or any other reader for that matter, you will see all the recent updates from the blogs you subscribed too. You can then choose to mark them as read, star them and do a lot more. Simple isn't it?

        Subscribe to updates by email

        If you are not so keen to use Rss readers you can also subscribe to Rss by email. In that case you will get an email whenever something new is published. Of course to subscribe by email, the blog should support this first. Most blogs will have an option to subscribe by email but not all. And note that you are giving your personal information i.e your email id while doing this. So beware that you trust the site before subscribing by email so that they don't spam you.

        Why is RSS still not Popular??

        This is a debatable question whether Rss is loosing popularity these days. When trying to find out more about Rss i found that a lot of people think that Rss is dying. But the fact is that Rss may not be a hot topic right now but people still use it in the background. And as i said earlier a lot of people are not aware about Rss so that's a big problem too.

        I am sure when people will actually use it, they will love it and we as bloggers should make our readers aware of it.

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        Lastly if you like this blog and would like to receive free updates, you can subscribe to my blog by Rss or email whatever you prefer.

        What will you get?? 

        You will get free updates, that means you will be informed whenever something new is published. I am really busy these days so posting everyday won't be possible for me. So instead of visiting this blog everytime to find new content you can just subscribe to Rss.

        What will I get??

        Well I will get some loyal readers who like what i write and that will act as a source of motivation for me to write even more great content. And of course there is nothing big as a blogger to find out that people like what you write .

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