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7 Best Firefox Addons You Must Have

This is my collection of the 7 best firefox addons around which will improve your firefox experience  drastically. Although Google Chrome is taking away market share from firefox consistently but there is still one thing in which firefox is way above chrome, which is extensions/addons. Yes you can find extensions for almost anything you want on firefox while chrome still lacks behind in this area

7 Best Firefox Addons You Must Have

So if you love firefox addons, here is the list of the best firefox addons which you may find useful. Check them out:

1. AdBlock Plus - Download

As the name suggests adblock plus is your one stop for getting rid of all those annoying ads, For most websites and blogs Ads are the primary source of income. But at times you will feel that these ads start to irritate you and take your concentration away from the content. So at those times this program will come in handy.

Best Firefox Addons adblock plus

If you just hate all kind of ads or just the one that crosses certain limit adblock is a must. I mean there is a reason that AdBlock is the most downloaded addon in firefox.. 

2. All in one gestures - Download

With this addon you can navigate in firefox using mouse gestures. What are mouse gestures?? Think about this. You draw a line backwards holding your right mouse button and as soon as you release it you get to the previous page.This is an example of a mouse gestures. And with this extension you can add hundreds of such gestures for different tasks..

Best Firefox Addons mouse gestures

This is one of the coolest firefox addon i have ever used. And i have covered this in detail earlier. You can have a look here if you want:

Navigate in firefox using mouse gestures

3. Download Statusbar - Download

For all those who use the default firefox download manager for downloading files this one is for you. What it does is that instead of the annoying downloads window which shows the download progress, it shifts those in the bottom status bar of Firefox.

Best Firefox Addons download statusbar

4. Yoono - Download 

Yoono is a social networking addon for Firefox which simplifies your social life by providing a quick access sidebar in firefox which allows you to access all your favourite social sites like facebook, twitter and many more all in one place. What's great is that you get to see all your facebook updates or tweets while browsing other sites.
Best Firefox Addons social network

Another must have for social networking fans who like to share links and images with friends a lot. Apparently this is the most downloaded social Addon for firefox..

5. Web of Trust - Download 

Internet is full of scams and people who want to take advantage of your ignorance. So when you click on some link which you are not sure of, it can very well turn out to be a virus and they can get hold of your system. Also phishing attacks are getting more and more severe these days so you are never sure of what is trustworthy and what is not.

Best Firefox Addons web trust

Web of trust much like mcafee site advisor  informs you whether the link you are visiting is safe or not. And i must say it is much more advanced than mcafee site advisor. It provides a trust score based on user reviews about almost any link that appears on your browser. It even works for links in your email account and surprisingly it works for the ads too..

6. Morning Coffee - Download

If you for some reason don't like Rss readers and still like the idea of visiting every site manually to check out new content, this one is for you. By using morning coffee addon you can group different bookmarks together that should be launched automatically whenever you start your day(i mean firefox). You can set different bookmarks for different days and can also set if you want something everyday. 

Best Firefox Addons morning coffee

Another great way to visit your favorite blogs easily although i still prefer RSS

7. Tabmixplus - Download

Tab Mix Plus enhances Firefox's tab browsing capabilities. It includes features such as duplicating tabs, controlling tab focus, tab clicking options, undo closed tabs and windows, plus much more. It also includes a full-featured session manager with crash recovery that can save and restore combination of opened tabs and windows.
Best Firefox tabmixplus

Although most of these features like 'undo close tabs' are now integrated in firefox, it still has many features that can save a lot of your productivity time. One of the best feature it provides is the grouping tab, where you can add certain open tabs in a group and then can switch back and forth between different groups visually.

Well this completes my top 7 list. I will leave you with links to some other firefox extensions that you may find interesting and useful. 

Some Other Useful Firefox Extensions/Addons:

I know some of these may appear pointless to you and some others may become your absolute favorite in the future. Everyone has different needs so something useful to one can be quite useless to the other. In this list I have tried to include the extensions/addons which most of you should find useful. 

If you know of some other cool firefox extensions then feel free to share it with others in the comments section below. 

Thanks for reading...

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