Sunday, 24 July 2011

Navigate In Firefox Using Mouse Gestures!!!

I know navigation in browsers is not a problem to most of us, as we are used to the old basic style of moving our mouse to different positions and then clicking at different places to accomplish different tasks. Not hard isn't it.? But recently I came across this firefox plugin which takes navigation to a completely different level. With this plugin installed you can switch between tabs, open or close any tab, bookmark any website or open your favorite websites etc. with just a mouse gesture. 

With mouse gesture I mean moving your mouse in a specific pattern. For ex: to go back just right click your mouse draw a line backwards and you are then on the previous page. I hope you get the point. Sounds interesting?? Read on to find out more..


The plugin used to enable this function is called 'All in One Gestures'. There are some other plugins too which promise the same result but this one is my favourite. Here are the steps to use this.

Step 1: Install The Plugin

  • First download this plugin from here.
  • Click on Add to Firefox to start the download. And remember to click on allow when asked to download. 
  • Once downloaded restart your browser and you will see that your extension is ready to use.
  • To test this, hold the right click button anywhere on the page, draw a line backwards and release the mouse button. As soon as you do this you will see that you are taken to the previous page.


Now once the plugin is setup, its time to configure it to suit your needs.

Step 2:  Configure

  • Go to Tools>Add-ons. In the Add-ons manager go to the extensions tab and choose 'all in one gestures' and click on options.
  • Now you will see the options menu and under it will be four tabs. Leave all the other tabs for now and click on the Gestures customizations
  • Here you will see a long list of functions with their corresponding gestures. So now you can choose which functions you want and the corresponding gestures to get that function done.


  • You will notice that the gestures are written in terms of combination of up,down,left and right. For ex: the gesture for the next tab function is up-right. So to go to the next tab you have to right click anywhere, draw a line upwards and then move it in the right direction. 
  • Now to customize your gestures find the function for which you would like to use the gesture. See the default gesture for that if available. If you don't like the default one you can edit the gesture to something which you can easily remember. 
  • To edit gestures just click on the edit gestures and you can type the combination you want or you can draw it yourself.

  • Finally when you are done with the customization just click on 'Ok' and get ready to test out your new gestures.

It may take some time in the starting to get used to this but believe me after you do get comfortable with these you won't look back. I primarily use this to move backward, forward, open new tab, close tab and bookmark. And lastly if you are looking for such plugins for Google Chrome then you can find that below. It will be pretty similar in use.. 

So hope you like this. Thanks for taking out some time to read this. And as always you can share your opinions about this in the comments section below...

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