Thursday, 14 July 2011

Listen To Free Music Online - Computer Tips

If you love listening to songs, like me, then you will love this. Just sign up with and you can listen to practically any song on earth for free. Just sign up with them and enter your favorite artist and you are ready to go. You can listen to random songs of your favourite artist or you can search for any song and listen to it directly. If you have been looking for such a site which allows you to listen to free music then this is your last stop..

Listen to free music online

Full Control Over Music

With you can play, pause, shuffle or skip any song from right within your browser. If you like some song then you can add it in your favorites with just a single click. And you can also use keyboard shortcuts to play any song. 

Find other songs which follow your taste

The best thing about is it also scrobbles the songs, which means that the songs you listen too gets added to your play count and add to the building of your musical taste which in turn lets you discover even more great music.  

Scrobbling is the main way, but adding artists/tracks to your library also does it, as does loving/banning/skipping/listening to tracks on the radio. Pretty much anything you do on the site is taken into account when it tries to figure out what you'll like.

This is great to discover new songs which you can then buy if you want. Finally there are some other sites too which allow you to listen to free music but this one is the best.

Try this and share your thoughts about this great site in the comments section below..

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