Friday, 15 July 2011

Latest Google Search Engine Improvements

Did you know Google recently added some new features in its already great search engine to save some more milliseconds when we search for something. These include instant pages, google search by image and google voice search.

Instant pages caches pages even before you open any link. With google image search you can just drag and drop any image onto the search bar and and it will find similar images. And lastly with voice search you can search by just speaking the search keywords.

These are some of the latest google search improvements. Looks interesting? Read on to find out more....

1. Instant Pages:

This is based on Google instant. which searches for results as you start typing and provides suggestions side by side. With google instant, google predicted that it will save 2-5 seconds while searching for something. Recently google introduced another addition to this feature, now google will predict the link users wants to use and begins fetching its data and caching it before user clicks on the link. This can save another 2-3 seconds while searching which is great. 

To test out this new feature you can download google chrome beta from here. I did notice some improvement in speed when i tried this..

Google improvement
Image Source -

2. Search By Image

I know this may sound a bit weird but you can just drag and drop any image from your computer to the search box and google will search for related images. Understanding you request, google then goes on a quest for similar images. It worked pretty well when i tried to use this feature by uploading an image related to computer. You can try this by visiting Google image search and then dragging any image to the search box. See image below..

Google improvement

3. Google Voice Search :

The last addition is the google voice search. As is clear from its name with google voice search you can search with google by just speaking the search keywords. Only english vocals are accepted right now. You can try this by visiting, Google voice search. I am not sure if it is supported in browsers other than google chrome right now. There is an android app too with which you can use this feature on your mobile..

Google improvement

So what are you wating for!!! Go ahead and try these new features and share your opinions here...

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