Tuesday, 12 July 2011

How To Restore Deleted Files!!!

What happens if you accidently delete some files. Of course they go to the recycle bin, but what if you empty the recycle bin too. Now most of us will think that the file is gone and there is no way that we can get that file back. But this is not the way windows works. When you delete something from your pc, windows makes that space available, which the file was occupying, so that new files can use that space but doesn't erase that file.

restore deleted files

If you have a lot of hard disk space chances are that the file you deleted is still available even after months of deleting it. Of course if its been years since you deleted that file chances are pretty less that the file is still not overwritten. Still there is nothing wrong in trying. I will show you in this tutorial, how you can restore deleted files by using a free program called 'restoration'. It works in all versions of windows( xp,vista and7). So lets begin with the steps...

How to restore deleted files:

  • First download restoration from here(229kb)
  • Once downloaded, open it, select the location you want to unzip it to, then click on 'Unzip'.
  • Now go to the location where you unzipped this and open 'Restoration.exe'  file
  • Then choose the drive from where you deleted the file and click on 'Search Deleted Files'
  • Now hope that it finds your file, once it does choose that file
  • Click on 'Restore By Copying' and choose some other drive where you want to restore it..
  • Now open your restored file, it will be ready to go.

I tried this on a video i deleted 2 weeks ago and it worked fine. In most cases you will get your file back if it is deleted recently. Now if you want to do the reverse of this i.e delete and erase a file completely from the hard disk then you can use some 'file erasing' softwares which are commonly available.

That't it for now. Hope it helped you in some way or it can be useful to you in the future. Thanks for reading...

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  1. TechGopal says:

    really nice tool & downloaded on PC. work very well for me If u add some images to article then it will become more easy to follow steps

  2. @TechGopal. thanks for your suggestion bro:D I will try to add more images in my posts from now on..

  3. Its nice to share such an informative piece of knowledge.

  4. thanks@ red sunglasses. I am glad you liked this:D

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