Sunday, 17 July 2011

How To Protect Your Laptop From Theft

Laptops are one of the most portable devices around and that makes them an easy target for thefts. So what if the worst happens and your laptop is stolen, in that case wouldn't it be amazing if you can track your laptop, find its location, click a picture of the person using it or delete or modify all your personal data. This all can be done using this free software called preyproject. Read on to find out more.

stolen laptop

How to Use Prey Project:

Prey Project is a free open source software although there is a pro version too which isn't free.  It works on all platforms which means that all versions of windows, mac, and even linux. Here are the steps on how to use this to track your laptop:

1. First go this website, Prey Project, and click on download now(5.4mb)

2. Once downloaded run it and install it

3. After installation it will ask you to setup a new account. Choose setup reporting method click next, then choose prey+control panel. Then choose new user and then fill in the details username password etc 

stolen laptop

4. After that go to start->All Programs->Prey->Configure Prey and here you can configure your settings like automatically connect to a wifi etc 

stolen laptop

5. Once setup, check your email to activate the account.

6. After that just follow your email to login to the preyproject control panel

7. You can then choose if your laptop is missing and choose a lot of actions to perform, like find location, click a photo, erase data etc.

stolen laptop

8. It will then start reporting these things to your email address. You will get your first report within minutes. 

Its always better to be prepared for the worst. So set up PreyProject now and you will be ready to track your laptop if it gets stolen.  What's even more exciting is that you can use this to track your android phones too. And if you have some money to spare you can get some paid tracking softwares. If you have any doubts you can share them in the comments section below..

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