Monday, 18 July 2011

How To Fix Dll Errors In Windows

DLL errors occurs in windows when you try to run any application and for some reason the dll file it requires is not present in your system. You may have been familiar with this error message "filename.dll was not found. Try reinstalling the application". Note that by filename, i mean it can be any name, it depends on which dll file went wrong.

Now reinstalling the application may or may not correct this error and it can make us go crazy at times. But you may have noticed that it tells the name of the dll file in the error message so an easy quick fix to this problem is go to any site that offers these dll files and download your missing dll file. Sadly microsoft doesn't provide such files. But there are thousands of other site that do. Here are the steps to fix dll errors in windows:

windows dll errors

How to fix dll errors :

  • Click on download a file on the left.
  • Now choose which version of windows you are using. You can also have a look at the the commonly requested dll files first.
  • Now you will see a list of all the dll files available. You can download any of them by just clicking on them.
  • If in any case you weren't able to find the dll file you needed you can always request a file and they will update it in some days.
  • Once downloaded, copy that file in the windows/system32 directory of your main drive where your windows is installed(by default its C).
  • Then go to start, run and "type regsvr32 filename.dll" without the quotes where filename is the name of the dll file thats missing.
windows dll errors

And that's it, now run your application or game and it should work fine. In case if you are wondering what the heck are dll files, dll files are basically class library files that contains a set of classes which can be used by anyone. On a personal note i am learning these days and i will be using dll files in the project to store the classes and all the coding:D

So now you know what to do when you get that stupid dll error in windows. If you have any doubts or you need some dll file which you weren't able to find just mention it in the comments. I will find it for you..

Thanks for reading...

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