Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Google To Fight Malwares Now!!!

Google today announced that it will now warn people if it finds any malware activity on your computer. That's a big step by google, for the first time a search engine will issue warnings about the state of your computer if it is infected or not. Of course its still in its initial stages and can't detect 100% of all malwares. I doubt that it will ever be able to do that. But nonetheless this adds another unique ability to google and will surely be helpful to a lot of people.

google malware

So How Will Google Detect Malwares :

It all started when google was conducting its regular checks and found some unusual search traffic. After conducting some more tests google found that the computers exhibiting this behavior were infected with a particular strain of malicious software, or “malware.”

So basically google will warn people whose traffic is coming from these malicious proxies.

What If Google Detects Malware :

First of all google will issue an warning in a yellow box saying that you computer may be infected. The warning  will also contain a link having information on how to get rid of that malware. It will also provide links to AV softwares to scan your computer.

So Can I Uninstall My Antivirus Software Now :

No. Don't even think about that. Google is in no way a replacement to your AV softwares. It can detect only certain type of malwares. And as you may be knowing that there are thousands of other virus available for free download on the internet so it won't be a good idea:D

So if you see a warning while searching for something in google don't ignore that. Just click on the link that show the information on how to get rid of that malware. If that doesn't help do a full scan with your your favourite antivirus program. You can also use malwarebytes to scan your computer for malwares.

So what you think, is it a good step taken by google??

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