Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Google Plus One's For Sale!!!

Are you really disappointed that inspite of writing quality content you still don't get the fame you deserve. Your content doesn't get viral and you are obsessed with people that get 100's of +1's on every post they write. Well then why not buy them! You all must be familiar with sites that sell backlinks and they were doing really good. And now its the season of Google's Plus One sales. Read on..

buy google 1

Does Google +1's Really Matter?? 

Apart from the fact that having +1's may make your site look good and respected there are some SEO advantages too.

First of all i want to make it clear that i am not an SEO expert and i won't even pretend to be. Now with what i read some SEO experts are saying that social exposure i.e facebook likes, google +1's and retweets etc will also play a major role in ranking of websites in google. There is no official statement by google about google +1 affecting rankings although. 

A good reason why search engine's may consider this is that people are really selective while sharing something. If they don't find anything useful then forget that they will even move there mouse anywhere near the share or like button. 

So if a post has 100's of likes, shares etc it will act as a seal of approval that the content is really good. And we all know how much google loves unique and useful content, it wants to get rid of all the spammy sites from its search results. So you may start seeing +1's affecting your site ranking in the near future.

How to Buy Google +1's??

A site called Plussem.com is all into this and is selling google +1's for a moderate price. Plussem is probably the first one to offer such a service. It is run by a site SEOshop.biz. Here are the prices..

Buy 50 Google Plus One for 20$
Buy 250 Google Plus One for 70$ 
Buy 2000 Google Plus One for 360$  

buy google 1

So how does Plussem Work??

They say that each +1 apparently comes from a real person with a verified Google account and is given manually by visiting the buyer's site. All +1s trace back to different IP addresses, and are distributed over a number of days to make them look more natural. That means that they will make sure that google finds these +1's legitimate.

Lastly no i do not recommend buying social fame through such sites. I also wouldn't ever buy backlinks although that is quite common. I believe in doing these things the hard way, i.e by hard work. But there are a lot of people that do everything they can to rank in Search Engine's. Be it buying backlinks, buying SEO softwares and what not. So if you are one of them go ahead try this you may get some benefits right now or in the future.

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