Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Gary Vaynerchuk - Motivational Video!!!


Hey guys check out this video if you are into blogging or some kind of online business

Who is Gary Vaynercuk??

Gary Vaynerchuk is the founder of Wine Library Tv website. If you don't know about that, it doesn't matter. He is a millionaire businessman and a great video blogger. But that doesn't matter too:D What matters is that he is a great person and an awesome speaker. If you are feeling a bit low and losing  motivation to do something you love or what you are doing doesn't make you happy take 15 mins out of your busy life and give this man a try.

This guy changed my way of thinking. I watch his video whenever I feel that i can't reach my goal(to be a great blogger) or feel impatient. And it sure helps. Of course that doesn't mean you will like him too. But if you do, then you can check out his other videos. He is having 100's of videos on youtube..

So what you think about this guy???

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