Saturday, 23 July 2011

Charge Your Laptop By Typing!!!

A team of researchers at Australia’s Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) have successfully demonstrated a new, “nano-scaled” piezoelectric film’s capacity for turning mechanical pressure into electricity. I know this sounds weird but you can now charge your laptops by typing. Well not right now, it would take around 3 yrs to realize this technology on commercial basis. But nonetheless this is really a big achievement which can change the way we use our laptops. 

Charge laptop by typing

How's this possible:

The technology used to convert mechanical energy(typing) into electricity(power) is pretty simple. I mean simple to understand. They used piezoelectric materials i.e the materials which produce electricity when some pressure is applied, to accomplish this task. Now if we put a piezoelectric plate underneath our keyboard, the pressure generated by typing can be converted to electricity which can then charge our laptop. Sounds legit to me.

So why wait 3 yrs:

To clarify this, Dr Madhu Bhaskaran, who led the research told ABC News in Australia said "Currently the energy levels we're able to generate is around ten times less than what's required, so that's the next step, to amplify it by ten times, so we can produce an everlasting battery or replace existing batteries.

Now to do this it will take atleast 3 yrs. Once they are able to amplify it, i guess the technology will get commercially available pretty quicky. And i am sure this will become quite a selling point for the companies that will be able to incorporate this technology first.

What's next:

Apart from using piezoelectric materials to charge your laptop, scientists are looking at some other applications too.These include running shoes which can power up your cell phone and a pacemaker which is powered by your blood pressure. Also scientists are looking for a way to power touchscreen devices with the swipes of our fingers using the same technology.

Some alternatives:

When i read about this research i was sure that there would be some other ways too by which we can charge our laptops. So after doing my bit of research i found these:

So what you think about this?? I mean i am really excited about this research. It could be really useful for bloggers like me. And who knows, some day you may be able to charge your laptop by moving your mouse or maybe with the blink of your eyes:D

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