Friday, 12 August 2011

Now Play Games In Google Plus!!!

According to the official Google blog, Google plus users will soon be able to see a games section which will allow them to play some cool games like Angry birds, Bejeweled and a lot more . After games like farmville being a big success in Facebook taking social networking to a whole new level, this doesn't come as a big surprise. This means that you can check out games too when you try to spot the differences between Google Plus and Facebook.

google plus games

But with games being such an important part in social networking sites like Facebook, what can Google Plus provide so that it stands above the competition. So here is a list of things that Google is promising to deliver in its Google Plus games service:

1. Games Offered

First of all the lets see the the list of games which you can play on Google Plus. On its official blog Google has provided a list of 16 games that will be available as soon as you get that games button in your Google plus account. These include games like the massively popular Angry bird from Rovio and classical games like Bejewelled, Soduku, poker etc. See the picture below for all the games.

google plus available games

More games will be made available gradually once the rollout is complete. Angry birds stands out for me in the above list which could become really fun if you could play it with your friends.

2. Control over games 

One of the best thing about Google Plus games service is that there will be a dedicated button at the top for the games if you wish to play them. So if you are someone who is not so keen to play games or even be informed about your friends update about what game they played, then you can be assured that these games won't interfere with your conversations.

google plus games share

Facebook news feed can get totally cluttered with games and application updates from friends which can get really irritating at times. Google Plus has taken care of it and you will get game updates only if you click on the games button which is really cool.

3. More for the developers

Google will take only 5% on in app purchases in comparison to 30% which Facebook charges its developers right now. I am sure this will attract a lot of great developers. More developers mean more games. So you may see some great games coming to Google Plus in future..

Well these were the things which make Google Plus games service stand above Facebook games, according to me of course. And this is just the starting, more features will be added soon which can prove to be a selling point to Google Plus.

Facebook launched some new features too: 

As soon as Google announced about the introduction of games in its Google plus service, Facebook too announced some new features which will be added to Facebook games. According to a post on the Facebook official blog, Jared Morgenstern said:

"When you’re playing games, you’ll now see a separate stream of your friends’ game activity, scores, and achievements in a ticker. The best way to find new games is through friends, and now you’ll have more opportunities to see what they’re playing"

You can read more here if you are interested Facebook Blog

So what you think about this. Game on I guess????

Monday, 8 August 2011

7 Best Firefox Addons You Must Have

This is my collection of the 7 best firefox addons around which will improve your firefox experience  drastically. Although Google Chrome is taking away market share from firefox consistently but there is still one thing in which firefox is way above chrome, which is extensions/addons. Yes you can find extensions for almost anything you want on firefox while chrome still lacks behind in this area

7 Best Firefox Addons You Must Have

So if you love firefox addons, here is the list of the best firefox addons which you may find useful. Check them out:

1. AdBlock Plus - Download

As the name suggests adblock plus is your one stop for getting rid of all those annoying ads, For most websites and blogs Ads are the primary source of income. But at times you will feel that these ads start to irritate you and take your concentration away from the content. So at those times this program will come in handy.

Best Firefox Addons adblock plus

If you just hate all kind of ads or just the one that crosses certain limit adblock is a must. I mean there is a reason that AdBlock is the most downloaded addon in firefox.. 

2. All in one gestures - Download

With this addon you can navigate in firefox using mouse gestures. What are mouse gestures?? Think about this. You draw a line backwards holding your right mouse button and as soon as you release it you get to the previous page.This is an example of a mouse gestures. And with this extension you can add hundreds of such gestures for different tasks..

Best Firefox Addons mouse gestures

This is one of the coolest firefox addon i have ever used. And i have covered this in detail earlier. You can have a look here if you want:

Navigate in firefox using mouse gestures

3. Download Statusbar - Download

For all those who use the default firefox download manager for downloading files this one is for you. What it does is that instead of the annoying downloads window which shows the download progress, it shifts those in the bottom status bar of Firefox.

Best Firefox Addons download statusbar

4. Yoono - Download 

Yoono is a social networking addon for Firefox which simplifies your social life by providing a quick access sidebar in firefox which allows you to access all your favourite social sites like facebook, twitter and many more all in one place. What's great is that you get to see all your facebook updates or tweets while browsing other sites.
Best Firefox Addons social network

Another must have for social networking fans who like to share links and images with friends a lot. Apparently this is the most downloaded social Addon for firefox..

5. Web of Trust - Download 

Internet is full of scams and people who want to take advantage of your ignorance. So when you click on some link which you are not sure of, it can very well turn out to be a virus and they can get hold of your system. Also phishing attacks are getting more and more severe these days so you are never sure of what is trustworthy and what is not.

Best Firefox Addons web trust

Web of trust much like mcafee site advisor  informs you whether the link you are visiting is safe or not. And i must say it is much more advanced than mcafee site advisor. It provides a trust score based on user reviews about almost any link that appears on your browser. It even works for links in your email account and surprisingly it works for the ads too..

6. Morning Coffee - Download

If you for some reason don't like Rss readers and still like the idea of visiting every site manually to check out new content, this one is for you. By using morning coffee addon you can group different bookmarks together that should be launched automatically whenever you start your day(i mean firefox). You can set different bookmarks for different days and can also set if you want something everyday. 

Best Firefox Addons morning coffee

Another great way to visit your favorite blogs easily although i still prefer RSS

7. Tabmixplus - Download

Tab Mix Plus enhances Firefox's tab browsing capabilities. It includes features such as duplicating tabs, controlling tab focus, tab clicking options, undo closed tabs and windows, plus much more. It also includes a full-featured session manager with crash recovery that can save and restore combination of opened tabs and windows.
Best Firefox tabmixplus

Although most of these features like 'undo close tabs' are now integrated in firefox, it still has many features that can save a lot of your productivity time. One of the best feature it provides is the grouping tab, where you can add certain open tabs in a group and then can switch back and forth between different groups visually.

Well this completes my top 7 list. I will leave you with links to some other firefox extensions that you may find interesting and useful. 

Some Other Useful Firefox Extensions/Addons:

I know some of these may appear pointless to you and some others may become your absolute favorite in the future. Everyone has different needs so something useful to one can be quite useless to the other. In this list I have tried to include the extensions/addons which most of you should find useful. 

If you know of some other cool firefox extensions then feel free to share it with others in the comments section below. 

Thanks for reading...

Friday, 5 August 2011

Control VLC Player With Your Phone

Did you know that with VLC remote you can convert your phone into a remote for your VLC player. You can play, pause, stop and do a lot more while sitting comfortably on your bed. Sounds cool?? In this post i will show you how you can control your computer with your phone, i mean the VLC player.

vlc remote for iphone

First lets see the requirements.

Devices supported:

  • VLC remote supports iPhone, iPad, android phones and blackberry. 
  • There is a similar app available for windows phone 7 too. I will provide the link below. 
  • Although there is a free version available for android, you have to pay for it if you want it on other os. The price is 2.99$ to 4.99$ which is not bad for such a great piece of software
Other requirements:

  • Wifi support both in your computer as well as your phone. Most smartphones have wifi so that won't be a big problem

Configure VLC player

  • First open VLC player. 

  • Go to tools-> preferences.Click on all in show setting box at bottom left.
       vlc configuration for vlc remote
      • Now go to interface-> main interface and select the checkbox 'HTTP remote control interface'. 
       vlc http for vlc remote
      • Lastly click on save. this completes the VLC part. Now you need to setup VLC remote on your phone

      Install VLC Remote in Phone

      Now download and install VLC player from these links corresponding your smartphone model

      • VLC remote Free for android - Supports features like play, pause, stop, volume control, etc. There is also a beta version which has some more feature. Here's the link:
                     Remote control for VLC media player
        • VLC Play for Windows Phone 7 - Paid software which allows you to control nearly every function of VLC from your Windows Phone and some other advanced features like Shutdown/Standby of your computer 

        Configure VLC Remote

        • Launch VLC on your computer. Unless VLC is running on your computer, the VLC Remote app will not work. 

        • Now launch VLC remote on your phone. It should automatically detect your PC and you can now control VLC player
          vlc remote autodetect android
            • If it doesn't autodetect your PC, go to settings, click on "Add VLC server" and type your computer's local ip address there with the port '8080'

            Use VLC Remote

            After you are done with setting up VLC remote using it is pretty simple. You will see all the available controls on your phone like play, pause, stop. Note that the free version for android supports only the basic features. If you want to get more features you will have to buy it. Here is the screenshot of VLC remote in action

            vlc remote android

            So what you think about this software?? If you have an android phone go ahead and try the free version. It will be set up in minutes. If you like watching movies on your computer you will love it. You can share your views in the comment section below.

            Thanks for reading...

            Thursday, 4 August 2011

            All You Need To Know About RSS

            What the hell is RSS?? You must have seen blogs asking you to subscribe to their feeds. Some blogs even show some annoying popups which ask you to subscribe. And some even provide free gifts in return, ebooks being the most popular. So why are people so crazy about getting more subscribers? What's so great about Rss?? Why don't they just ask you to bookmark their site??

            According to a survey, only 10% people who use the internet, are actually aware of and use RSS. So I thought it will be a good idea to explain you in detail about what's so great about RSS and why is it still not that popular.

            What is RSS??

            RSS stands for 'really simple syndication'. And syndication means sharing of content among different Web sites. So basically RSS is a way to share your blog content with others. It provides the standard for syndicating articles on the Internet. Let me explain..

            We all read newspapers where we get to know about different things that happened the day before. We quickly go through all the headlines and if we find something useful or interesting we read through it. So newspapers keeps us aware of all the new things that happened around the world.

            In a similar manner, RSS delivers the latest posts published by your favorite blogs all in one single place. But unlike newspapers, you can choose which blogs you want to subscribe to and only there updates will be delivered. So if you are someone who loves to know about new things, you can now subscribe to the blogs that deliver them and you can be assured that whenever something new is published you won't miss it.

            RSS vs Bookmarks

            Bookmarks were the old way to keep updated with latest information. You could just bookmark your favorite blog and check 10 times a day to see if something new was posted. And i must say that a lot of people still use bookmarks to keep in touch.

            So lets see some of the advantages of RSS over bookmarks.

            • As i said above, you have to visit the blog regularly just to find that nothing new is available. By using Rss you will be informed whenever something new is published
            • If you follow a lot of blogs you will have to visit all of them one by one manually and scan for new content while you can get all the updates in a well organized single place in case of Rss.
            • Managing bookmarks can be cumbersome if you have a lot of bookmarks.

            Some advantages of Bookmarks over RSS

            • Not all websites support RSS while you can bookmark any website.
              • If you like a specific article which you would like to revisit again, bookmarking is still the preferred option

              How To Use RSS??

              First of all you need to choose some RSS reader. What is RSS reader?? Remember i said when you subscribe to blogs you get the latest updates all in a single place. Well the RSS reader is that place. There are many RSS readers available, most of them are free, some are paid too. Here is a list of some popular RSS readers:

              My favorite is Google Reader of course. 
                  Once you are done with signing up with your favorite reader you are ready to subscribe to your favorite blogs. In most blogs you will see an orange icon that will allow you to subscribe. Just click on it, and choose your favorite reader. You do not need to provide any personal information while doing this.

                  Now from now on when you sign in to your google reader or any other reader for that matter, you will see all the recent updates from the blogs you subscribed too. You can then choose to mark them as read, star them and do a lot more. Simple isn't it?

                  Subscribe to updates by email

                  If you are not so keen to use Rss readers you can also subscribe to Rss by email. In that case you will get an email whenever something new is published. Of course to subscribe by email, the blog should support this first. Most blogs will have an option to subscribe by email but not all. And note that you are giving your personal information i.e your email id while doing this. So beware that you trust the site before subscribing by email so that they don't spam you.

                  Why is RSS still not Popular??

                  This is a debatable question whether Rss is loosing popularity these days. When trying to find out more about Rss i found that a lot of people think that Rss is dying. But the fact is that Rss may not be a hot topic right now but people still use it in the background. And as i said earlier a lot of people are not aware about Rss so that's a big problem too.

                  I am sure when people will actually use it, they will love it and we as bloggers should make our readers aware of it.

                  Subscribe to Digital World

                  Lastly if you like this blog and would like to receive free updates, you can subscribe to my blog by Rss or email whatever you prefer.

                  What will you get?? 

                  You will get free updates, that means you will be informed whenever something new is published. I am really busy these days so posting everyday won't be possible for me. So instead of visiting this blog everytime to find new content you can just subscribe to Rss.

                  What will I get??

                  Well I will get some loyal readers who like what i write and that will act as a source of motivation for me to write even more great content. And of course there is nothing big as a blogger to find out that people like what you write .

                  So if you like this blog, you can subscribe to the RSS feeds below.

                  Click Here To Subscribe

                  To subscribe by email, enter your email address below. No spams promised.

                  Enter your email address:

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                  Tuesday, 2 August 2011

                  Google To Launch New Page Speed Service Soon!!!

                  In an effort to make the web a richer and faster place google  introduces new services from time to time.  Recently google launched the instant pages service which allows google to cache pages even before the user finsishes typing the search query and expected that it will save atleast 3-5 seconds in this process.

                  Now google is all set to launch a new "Page Speed service" through which google will fetch all your data, host it in its own servers and lastly tweak them to get the lowest loading time possible. Read on to find out more..

                  google page speed service logo
                  Image src -

                  How Will Google Page Speed Service Work?

                  Google explained how the page speed service will work:

                  "Page Speed Service is an online service that automatically speeds up loading of your web pages. To use the service, you need to sign up and point your site’s DNS entry to Google. Page Speed Service fetches content from your servers, rewrites your pages by applying web performance best practices, and serves them to end users via Google’s servers across the globe. Your users will continue to access your site just as they did before, only with faster load times. Now you don’t have to worry about concatenating CSS, compressing images, caching, zipping resources or other web performance best practices."

                  So that means you are almost guaranteed some amount of gain in page load speed. According to google they saw improvements from 25-60% on several sites they tested.

                  How much speed i will gain by using this service?

                  The service is not available for public right now. Only some beta testers can get to try this. But if you are really curious to know how much speed you can gain right now then you can head on to this compare page


                  It provides a complete comparison between the loading time of the original page and the optimized page. I tested it on my blog and saw an improvement of around 19% which is not that amazing. Here is the screenshot:

                  page speed serice result - digital world

                  Curious to find out more i tested a site i follow, netchunks and i was surprised to see the result. It predicted a gain of about 50% in loading time which is truly awesome. Have a look at the screenshot below:

                  loading time improvement for netchunks

                  Will It Be Free?

                  Sadly no it won't be free. If you were expecting it to be free like other google services then you will be disappointed. And i can totally understand why it won't be free. After all they are optimizing and hosting your site on their own servers which will cost something to google. But the actual price is still not out. Lets wait and see..

                  If you are interested in beta testing of this service for free then you can register here and hope that they approve your request:

                  Google Page Speed Service sign up page.

                  So what you think about this service? Will you spend some of your hard earned monry to improve the user experience. Personally i won't go for it if the price is too high and/or if there isn't any significant improvement in the page load time. What do you think?????

                  Sunday, 31 July 2011

                  How To Create Your Own Fonts

                  First of all i understand that most of us are not really not that crazy about fonts. And i am sure a lot of people use the basic preinstalled fonts for almost all their work. So the idea of creating your own font may not excite you..

                  But nevertheless its good to have some fun trying out new things and believe me its really easy to do and you will have a lot of fun doing it. Once you are done with it you can use it as your signature font or if you were able to create something extraordinary, you can share it with others and be famous. Read on to find out more.

                  fontstruct logo

                  How to create your own fonts??

                  We will use a cool website fontstruct to create the fonts. Its really easy to use and you can create some awesome fonts using this. Here are the steps:

                  • First go to this website, 'Fontstruct' and sign up for a new account  

                  • As soon as you sign in you will see a yellow box saying create new fontstruction, click on it 
                     create new font

                    • Then it will ask you to provide a name for the font. Name it anything you like
                    • Now you are in the main page where you can create your fonts. Something like this will be shown
                    font editor to create new font

                    • The fun part starts here. Everything you see here is quite simple to understand. You can use the bricks available at the left side and draw whatever shape you want for the letter A. Click on preview to see how it looks.
                    • There are 100's of bricks available and seriously your imagination is the limit when it comes to how you are gonna use them. 
                    font struct bricks
                    • When your are satisfied with the letter 'A' just click on the next letter and draw the next letter. When you are done with designing all the letters you want click on save to save all your progress.

                    • After playing with it for some time i was able to create these weird looking first three letters. I am sure you can do way better that this:D
                      the new font i made

                      • Lastly click on download to download the font. It will download a zip file with your font in it. Extract the file anywhere and 'copy the font file'.
                      • Now to install the font, browse to the directory  'C:/Windows/Fonts' and paste your font there and you are ready to go

                      You can use this font like any other preinstalled font. In MS word or notepad just go to format-> font and then choose the font you created and have fun writing in your own unique font. And once your are done with that, you can share your fonts with others on fontstruct. Just click on the font you created and there will be an option to share that with everyone.

                      So have fun creating your own fonts. I would love to see your fonts on the front page of fontstruct. If you have any doubts regarding this then you can ask that in the comments sections below

                      And as always thanks for reading.. 

                      Thursday, 28 July 2011

                      5 Things To Do When Really Bored

                      Are you really bored to death. You have nothing to do and are just sitting online trying to find something fun to do. I guess then you are in the right place. This is my personal list of 5 things to do when you are getting really bored. These are the things you can do online to kill your not so precious time. Some of these may be familiar to you, some may be completely new. So have a look:

                      things to do when really bored

                      1. Chat With God:

                      Yes there is an online website where you can chat with god 24/7. Of course you won't be actually chatting to god. You will just be chatting with a program that thinks he is god. Such programs are very old. I remember the first time i saw such a program was like 5 yrs ago. And i doubt if something spectacular has happened in this technology in these 5 yrs. But still its really cool and the AI program behaves pretty nicely. At times you would doubt if you are talking to a computer or God. Here's the link:

                      2. Look at Some Pictures

                      There are a lot of sites online that are full of funny and weird pictures. Looking at such pictures still turns out to be one of the best ways to kill your time when really bored. I know most of you will be familiar with these so i will just provide the links:

                      3. Watch Videos:

                      If not pictures the next best thing you can do is watch some videos. It all depends on what type of videos you like but most people will look for videos in the funny genre when they are getting bored. Check out these sites to find some funny videos.

                      4. Play online games :

                      Games are considered the best way to pass your time. Believe me once you get addicted to any game you won't have any time left to do any other thing. But there are some games which are not that addicting and hence safe but you can still play them to pass your time. Most of the online flash games are really good and you will have a lot of fun playing them. Here are some online games site

                      Recently i found a new way to play games via webcams. Yes you can control your game with your body through webcams. This looks really interesting and you may consider checking some of these out:

                      5. Surf the internet:

                      Just like you found this article while surfing the net, you may find a lot of other really great sites full of awesome content. And you may find some interesting sites too. According to me the best way to find interesting content is through stumbling. If you aren't on stumble yet then you should join right now


                      Lastly this is a list of some other interesting things i found out recently. Some of them are websites, some applications, some videos and some games:D Check them out..

                      That brings me to the end of this post. Hope you found out something useful and interesting. And next time when you are really getting bored you will have a whole lot of things to do. And as always you can leave your opinions in the comments section below. Do you know of some other ways to pass time on the internet?? I will be glad to know:D

                      Thanks for reading

                      Tuesday, 26 July 2011

                      Google Plus One's For Sale!!!

                      Are you really disappointed that inspite of writing quality content you still don't get the fame you deserve. Your content doesn't get viral and you are obsessed with people that get 100's of +1's on every post they write. Well then why not buy them! You all must be familiar with sites that sell backlinks and they were doing really good. And now its the season of Google's Plus One sales. Read on..

                      buy google 1

                      Does Google +1's Really Matter?? 

                      Apart from the fact that having +1's may make your site look good and respected there are some SEO advantages too.

                      First of all i want to make it clear that i am not an SEO expert and i won't even pretend to be. Now with what i read some SEO experts are saying that social exposure i.e facebook likes, google +1's and retweets etc will also play a major role in ranking of websites in google. There is no official statement by google about google +1 affecting rankings although. 

                      A good reason why search engine's may consider this is that people are really selective while sharing something. If they don't find anything useful then forget that they will even move there mouse anywhere near the share or like button. 

                      So if a post has 100's of likes, shares etc it will act as a seal of approval that the content is really good. And we all know how much google loves unique and useful content, it wants to get rid of all the spammy sites from its search results. So you may start seeing +1's affecting your site ranking in the near future.

                      How to Buy Google +1's??

                      A site called is all into this and is selling google +1's for a moderate price. Plussem is probably the first one to offer such a service. It is run by a site Here are the prices..

                      Buy 50 Google Plus One for 20$
                      Buy 250 Google Plus One for 70$ 
                      Buy 2000 Google Plus One for 360$  

                      buy google 1

                      So how does Plussem Work??

                      They say that each +1 apparently comes from a real person with a verified Google account and is given manually by visiting the buyer's site. All +1s trace back to different IP addresses, and are distributed over a number of days to make them look more natural. That means that they will make sure that google finds these +1's legitimate.

                      Lastly no i do not recommend buying social fame through such sites. I also wouldn't ever buy backlinks although that is quite common. I believe in doing these things the hard way, i.e by hard work. But there are a lot of people that do everything they can to rank in Search Engine's. Be it buying backlinks, buying SEO softwares and what not. So if you are one of them go ahead try this you may get some benefits right now or in the future.

                      Sunday, 24 July 2011

                      Navigate In Firefox Using Mouse Gestures!!!

                      I know navigation in browsers is not a problem to most of us, as we are used to the old basic style of moving our mouse to different positions and then clicking at different places to accomplish different tasks. Not hard isn't it.? But recently I came across this firefox plugin which takes navigation to a completely different level. With this plugin installed you can switch between tabs, open or close any tab, bookmark any website or open your favorite websites etc. with just a mouse gesture. 

                      With mouse gesture I mean moving your mouse in a specific pattern. For ex: to go back just right click your mouse draw a line backwards and you are then on the previous page. I hope you get the point. Sounds interesting?? Read on to find out more..


                      The plugin used to enable this function is called 'All in One Gestures'. There are some other plugins too which promise the same result but this one is my favourite. Here are the steps to use this.

                      Step 1: Install The Plugin

                      • First download this plugin from here.
                      • Click on Add to Firefox to start the download. And remember to click on allow when asked to download. 
                      • Once downloaded restart your browser and you will see that your extension is ready to use.
                      • To test this, hold the right click button anywhere on the page, draw a line backwards and release the mouse button. As soon as you do this you will see that you are taken to the previous page.


                      Now once the plugin is setup, its time to configure it to suit your needs.

                      Step 2:  Configure

                      • Go to Tools>Add-ons. In the Add-ons manager go to the extensions tab and choose 'all in one gestures' and click on options.
                      • Now you will see the options menu and under it will be four tabs. Leave all the other tabs for now and click on the Gestures customizations
                      • Here you will see a long list of functions with their corresponding gestures. So now you can choose which functions you want and the corresponding gestures to get that function done.


                      • You will notice that the gestures are written in terms of combination of up,down,left and right. For ex: the gesture for the next tab function is up-right. So to go to the next tab you have to right click anywhere, draw a line upwards and then move it in the right direction. 
                      • Now to customize your gestures find the function for which you would like to use the gesture. See the default gesture for that if available. If you don't like the default one you can edit the gesture to something which you can easily remember. 
                      • To edit gestures just click on the edit gestures and you can type the combination you want or you can draw it yourself.

                      • Finally when you are done with the customization just click on 'Ok' and get ready to test out your new gestures.

                      It may take some time in the starting to get used to this but believe me after you do get comfortable with these you won't look back. I primarily use this to move backward, forward, open new tab, close tab and bookmark. And lastly if you are looking for such plugins for Google Chrome then you can find that below. It will be pretty similar in use.. 

                      So hope you like this. Thanks for taking out some time to read this. And as always you can share your opinions about this in the comments section below...

                      Saturday, 23 July 2011

                      Charge Your Laptop By Typing!!!

                      A team of researchers at Australia’s Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) have successfully demonstrated a new, “nano-scaled” piezoelectric film’s capacity for turning mechanical pressure into electricity. I know this sounds weird but you can now charge your laptops by typing. Well not right now, it would take around 3 yrs to realize this technology on commercial basis. But nonetheless this is really a big achievement which can change the way we use our laptops. 

                      Charge laptop by typing

                      How's this possible:

                      The technology used to convert mechanical energy(typing) into electricity(power) is pretty simple. I mean simple to understand. They used piezoelectric materials i.e the materials which produce electricity when some pressure is applied, to accomplish this task. Now if we put a piezoelectric plate underneath our keyboard, the pressure generated by typing can be converted to electricity which can then charge our laptop. Sounds legit to me.

                      So why wait 3 yrs:

                      To clarify this, Dr Madhu Bhaskaran, who led the research told ABC News in Australia said "Currently the energy levels we're able to generate is around ten times less than what's required, so that's the next step, to amplify it by ten times, so we can produce an everlasting battery or replace existing batteries.

                      Now to do this it will take atleast 3 yrs. Once they are able to amplify it, i guess the technology will get commercially available pretty quicky. And i am sure this will become quite a selling point for the companies that will be able to incorporate this technology first.

                      What's next:

                      Apart from using piezoelectric materials to charge your laptop, scientists are looking at some other applications too.These include running shoes which can power up your cell phone and a pacemaker which is powered by your blood pressure. Also scientists are looking for a way to power touchscreen devices with the swipes of our fingers using the same technology.

                      Some alternatives:

                      When i read about this research i was sure that there would be some other ways too by which we can charge our laptops. So after doing my bit of research i found these:

                      So what you think about this?? I mean i am really excited about this research. It could be really useful for bloggers like me. And who knows, some day you may be able to charge your laptop by moving your mouse or maybe with the blink of your eyes:D

                      Friday, 22 July 2011

                      Some Cool Internet Facts!!!

                      These are some of the cool internet facts which I hope that you didn't knew already. Of course these are not discovered by me but as always I did a full research to find these. So hope you like this and some of these are able to amaze you.....

                      Cool Internet Facts

                      Internet Traffic :

                      1. Only 22% of world population surf the internet. 

                      2. Sweden is the country with the highest percentage of net users at 75%.

                      3. 35.6% of internet users are Asian!!!

                      4. Of the 247 BILLION email messages sent every day, 81% are pure spam. That sucks... 

                      Domains :

                      5. Every single 3-character .com domain name has long been registered!!! These include all the 50000 possible 3-character .com domain names.

                      6. A single individual owns over 200,000 domain names! His name is Dr. Lieven P. Van Neste.

                      7. Every .com domain name from 1 to 63 characters long, consisting entirely of the letter "a", has been registered.

                      8. The highest amount of money paid for a domain name is for, $7.5 million!!!

                      9. The first .com domain name that was ever registered was 

                      Websites :

                      10. There are over 200 million websites, 74 per cent are in the commercial or .com domain.

                      11. There are more than 100 million blogs.

                      12. One in five bloggers update their blogs daily, that includes me:D

                      13. Twenty hours of video from around the world are uploaded to YouTube every minute. 

                      14. You would need to live for around 1,000 years to watch all the videos currently on YouTube.

                      15. The average Facebook user has 130 friends.

                      16. People spend over 500 billion minutes per month on Facebook.


                      17. Google comes from the word 'googol', which is 1 followed by a hundred zeros.  'Google' resulted from a spelling mistake made by the original founders who thought they were going for ‘Googol’.

                      18. Google estimates that the Internet today contains about 5 million terabytes of data (1TB = 1,000GB), and claims it has only indexed 0.04% of it all! To fit the whole Internet you would need just 200 million Blu-Ray disks.

                      19. Only 10% of all the pages on the Internet make it to the search engines.

                      20. 57% of American kids say ‘Google’ as their first word. Lol??? 

                      So what you think about these??? If you know some other cool internet facts then you can post that in the comments:D

                      Wednesday, 20 July 2011

                      Google To Fight Malwares Now!!!

                      Google today announced that it will now warn people if it finds any malware activity on your computer. That's a big step by google, for the first time a search engine will issue warnings about the state of your computer if it is infected or not. Of course its still in its initial stages and can't detect 100% of all malwares. I doubt that it will ever be able to do that. But nonetheless this adds another unique ability to google and will surely be helpful to a lot of people.

                      google malware

                      So How Will Google Detect Malwares :

                      It all started when google was conducting its regular checks and found some unusual search traffic. After conducting some more tests google found that the computers exhibiting this behavior were infected with a particular strain of malicious software, or “malware.”

                      So basically google will warn people whose traffic is coming from these malicious proxies.

                      What If Google Detects Malware :

                      First of all google will issue an warning in a yellow box saying that you computer may be infected. The warning  will also contain a link having information on how to get rid of that malware. It will also provide links to AV softwares to scan your computer.

                      So Can I Uninstall My Antivirus Software Now :

                      No. Don't even think about that. Google is in no way a replacement to your AV softwares. It can detect only certain type of malwares. And as you may be knowing that there are thousands of other virus available for free download on the internet so it won't be a good idea:D

                      So if you see a warning while searching for something in google don't ignore that. Just click on the link that show the information on how to get rid of that malware. If that doesn't help do a full scan with your your favourite antivirus program. You can also use malwarebytes to scan your computer for malwares.

                      So what you think, is it a good step taken by google??

                      Tuesday, 19 July 2011

                      Gary Vaynerchuk - Motivational Video!!!


                      Hey guys check out this video if you are into blogging or some kind of online business

                      Who is Gary Vaynercuk??

                      Gary Vaynerchuk is the founder of Wine Library Tv website. If you don't know about that, it doesn't matter. He is a millionaire businessman and a great video blogger. But that doesn't matter too:D What matters is that he is a great person and an awesome speaker. If you are feeling a bit low and losing  motivation to do something you love or what you are doing doesn't make you happy take 15 mins out of your busy life and give this man a try.

                      This guy changed my way of thinking. I watch his video whenever I feel that i can't reach my goal(to be a great blogger) or feel impatient. And it sure helps. Of course that doesn't mean you will like him too. But if you do, then you can check out his other videos. He is having 100's of videos on youtube..

                      So what you think about this guy???

                      Monday, 18 July 2011

                      How To Fix Dll Errors In Windows

                      DLL errors occurs in windows when you try to run any application and for some reason the dll file it requires is not present in your system. You may have been familiar with this error message "filename.dll was not found. Try reinstalling the application". Note that by filename, i mean it can be any name, it depends on which dll file went wrong.

                      Now reinstalling the application may or may not correct this error and it can make us go crazy at times. But you may have noticed that it tells the name of the dll file in the error message so an easy quick fix to this problem is go to any site that offers these dll files and download your missing dll file. Sadly microsoft doesn't provide such files. But there are thousands of other site that do. Here are the steps to fix dll errors in windows:

                      windows dll errors

                      How to fix dll errors :

                      • Click on download a file on the left.
                      • Now choose which version of windows you are using. You can also have a look at the the commonly requested dll files first.
                      • Now you will see a list of all the dll files available. You can download any of them by just clicking on them.
                      • If in any case you weren't able to find the dll file you needed you can always request a file and they will update it in some days.
                      • Once downloaded, copy that file in the windows/system32 directory of your main drive where your windows is installed(by default its C).
                      • Then go to start, run and "type regsvr32 filename.dll" without the quotes where filename is the name of the dll file thats missing.
                      windows dll errors

                      And that's it, now run your application or game and it should work fine. In case if you are wondering what the heck are dll files, dll files are basically class library files that contains a set of classes which can be used by anyone. On a personal note i am learning these days and i will be using dll files in the project to store the classes and all the coding:D

                      So now you know what to do when you get that stupid dll error in windows. If you have any doubts or you need some dll file which you weren't able to find just mention it in the comments. I will find it for you..

                      Thanks for reading...

                      Sunday, 17 July 2011

                      How To Protect Your Laptop From Theft

                      Laptops are one of the most portable devices around and that makes them an easy target for thefts. So what if the worst happens and your laptop is stolen, in that case wouldn't it be amazing if you can track your laptop, find its location, click a picture of the person using it or delete or modify all your personal data. This all can be done using this free software called preyproject. Read on to find out more.

                      stolen laptop

                      How to Use Prey Project:

                      Prey Project is a free open source software although there is a pro version too which isn't free.  It works on all platforms which means that all versions of windows, mac, and even linux. Here are the steps on how to use this to track your laptop:

                      1. First go this website, Prey Project, and click on download now(5.4mb)

                      2. Once downloaded run it and install it

                      3. After installation it will ask you to setup a new account. Choose setup reporting method click next, then choose prey+control panel. Then choose new user and then fill in the details username password etc 

                      stolen laptop

                      4. After that go to start->All Programs->Prey->Configure Prey and here you can configure your settings like automatically connect to a wifi etc 

                      stolen laptop

                      5. Once setup, check your email to activate the account.

                      6. After that just follow your email to login to the preyproject control panel

                      7. You can then choose if your laptop is missing and choose a lot of actions to perform, like find location, click a photo, erase data etc.

                      stolen laptop

                      8. It will then start reporting these things to your email address. You will get your first report within minutes. 

                      Its always better to be prepared for the worst. So set up PreyProject now and you will be ready to track your laptop if it gets stolen.  What's even more exciting is that you can use this to track your android phones too. And if you have some money to spare you can get some paid tracking softwares. If you have any doubts you can share them in the comments section below..
                      Friday, 15 July 2011

                      Latest Google Search Engine Improvements

                      Did you know Google recently added some new features in its already great search engine to save some more milliseconds when we search for something. These include instant pages, google search by image and google voice search.

                      Instant pages caches pages even before you open any link. With google image search you can just drag and drop any image onto the search bar and and it will find similar images. And lastly with voice search you can search by just speaking the search keywords.

                      These are some of the latest google search improvements. Looks interesting? Read on to find out more....

                      1. Instant Pages:

                      This is based on Google instant. which searches for results as you start typing and provides suggestions side by side. With google instant, google predicted that it will save 2-5 seconds while searching for something. Recently google introduced another addition to this feature, now google will predict the link users wants to use and begins fetching its data and caching it before user clicks on the link. This can save another 2-3 seconds while searching which is great. 

                      To test out this new feature you can download google chrome beta from here. I did notice some improvement in speed when i tried this..

                      Google improvement
                      Image Source -

                      2. Search By Image

                      I know this may sound a bit weird but you can just drag and drop any image from your computer to the search box and google will search for related images. Understanding you request, google then goes on a quest for similar images. It worked pretty well when i tried to use this feature by uploading an image related to computer. You can try this by visiting Google image search and then dragging any image to the search box. See image below..

                      Google improvement

                      3. Google Voice Search :

                      The last addition is the google voice search. As is clear from its name with google voice search you can search with google by just speaking the search keywords. Only english vocals are accepted right now. You can try this by visiting, Google voice search. I am not sure if it is supported in browsers other than google chrome right now. There is an android app too with which you can use this feature on your mobile..

                      Google improvement

                      So what are you wating for!!! Go ahead and try these new features and share your opinions here...
                      Thursday, 14 July 2011

                      Listen To Free Music Online - Computer Tips

                      If you love listening to songs, like me, then you will love this. Just sign up with and you can listen to practically any song on earth for free. Just sign up with them and enter your favorite artist and you are ready to go. You can listen to random songs of your favourite artist or you can search for any song and listen to it directly. If you have been looking for such a site which allows you to listen to free music then this is your last stop..

                      Listen to free music online

                      Full Control Over Music

                      With you can play, pause, shuffle or skip any song from right within your browser. If you like some song then you can add it in your favorites with just a single click. And you can also use keyboard shortcuts to play any song. 

                      Find other songs which follow your taste

                      The best thing about is it also scrobbles the songs, which means that the songs you listen too gets added to your play count and add to the building of your musical taste which in turn lets you discover even more great music.  

                      Scrobbling is the main way, but adding artists/tracks to your library also does it, as does loving/banning/skipping/listening to tracks on the radio. Pretty much anything you do on the site is taken into account when it tries to figure out what you'll like.

                      This is great to discover new songs which you can then buy if you want. Finally there are some other sites too which allow you to listen to free music but this one is the best.

                      Try this and share your thoughts about this great site in the comments section below..